(Search Engine Optimisation)


Being on the front page of search engines is every companies desire and with so many factors affecting your ranking and search engines changing their criteria every few months, we know that the best results are achieved by constantly adding to and editing your website.

At Website Design Stevenage we encourage companies to make changes to their site as often as possible, focusing on content and keywords, to keep it fresh and relevant in the eyes of the search engines. Which is why we have designed affordable packages that incorporates ongoing updates to your website, making changes to your site economically viable for the long term.

Website Design

These days every legitimate company must have a strong internet presence and with thousands of companies competing in all market sectors, its more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.


Your website ‘is’ your corporate brochure, it tells the world who you are and why they should buy from you and not your competition.


To a customer your web site is a direct representation of who your company are, how professional you are and whether you ‘look’ like you will give them the best service and value for their money.


How does your company look in comparison to your competitors?


If you think about it from a customers point of view, when looking at a website you want to get information quickly and concisely. The visuals you see must punctuate the message you're reading, but most of all, you want to be able to navigate around the web site easily and effortlessly.


Comparing your site to your competitions, are you giving your customers a good reason to contact you.


At Website Design Stevenage we begin by taking a full briefing of exactly what it is that you want to achieve from your website and then we look at your competitions websites as much as we look at your business, so that we can construct a website that elevates you above your competition & encourages potential customers to call you before anyone else.


We know from experience that websites which are regularly updated produce the most amount of customer contact and also appear higher up the ladder in search engine results, which is why we recommend that you make regular updates and edits to your website in order to consistently get a return on your web presence.


Because we have low overheads, we believe we offer the best pound for pound service of any web site design house in the UK today, our unique pricing structure gives you the opportunity to spread the cost and maintenance of your new website over an affordable term, following a reasonable initial design and construction retainer.


Please contact now to learn how we can make your business stand out.